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1. Progetto Punto Neon is a leader in the design and consultancy for lighting solutions of thermostretched false ceilings. Beauty and versatility make of this product an appreciated piece of furniture suitable to any environment, whether public or private, when elegance, brightness and cleaning, are required.


Our “craft” is a passion, with the light we transform environments, giving them a unique stamp and personality, We light up their soul, creating a chemistry made of beauty and functionality.



Raffaele Congiu


Rosanna Ferrau


Stefano Congiu
Product designer


Foreign collaborator




With the light we create atmosphere, lighting means to meet both practical and visual needs, with a particular care for the resarch of walfare and functionality.Llight is also emotion: a well lit enviroment allows us to work safely and efficiently. We share the idea to make the most of the natural light, but since we spend most of our time indoors paying attencion to the lighting it’s essential. The light has a main role in our lives, it is fundamental for a well-being feeling, and that’s why it is important that none of the enviroments is left behind. Our work offer us the chance to shape the light anhancing the spaces and transforming the atmosphere, by using the most modern technology wich make us able to solve issues which were previously unthinkable to solve.


It is an innovative false ceiling system with a surprising aesthetic effect.
Made by PVC sheets offers countless possibilities for personalization and unparalleled functional performance.
Quick to install, even on vertical walls, minimizes maintenance and reduces the environmental impact.
Increasingly appreciated in interior design for the house, a must in exhibition spaces, shops and large projects, for its backlighting and ability of taking any form.
The stretched ceilings are very light PVC membranes(180gr/ sq.m.) produced in different supplies (lacquered, mat, satin, translucent, suede, micro-perforated) in over 200 colors and textures that can be customized according to specific needs.
The PVC membranes are composed of a special shape memory molecule.
Removable, foldable, interchangeable, easy to clean and transport, the stretched ceiling is the ideal solution to create a truly unique and lively environment that offers people an exciting and engaging shopping experience.



Progetto Punto Neon has studied and patented a system able to create any three-dimensional shape to be applied to thermo-stretched sheets for the realizations of: false ceilings, walls, scenography, installations, etc.
The system to give the shape and geometry to the stretched sheeting consists of a polycarbonate or transparent Plexiglas mold, and / or similar materials,held up by supports and fixing systems made of the same or similar material as the molds.


stazione alta velocita di Afragola (NA)

Realizzazione di canale illuminate con tubi a catodo freddo incastonate  nei travi portanti per tutta la loro lunghezza, la chiusura del diffusore è realizzata con il sistema wall 2 wall, che riduce al minimo lo spazio visivo tra il telo teso e il bordo del trave garantendo totale illuminazione ed eleganza estetica della nuova stazione alta velocita di Afragola (NA), progettata dallo studio di Architettura Zaha Hadid e realizzata dal gruppo Astadi  



PATENT FOR THERMOPLASTIC THREE-DIMENSIONAL PAINTINGS System for creating an invisible frame inside a three-dimensional thermoplastic panels with internal lighting PVC polymers with shape memory effect. With this system you can create any form of three-dimensional objects of thermoplastic materials for: suspended ceilings, walls, decorations, installations, etc. The system is to give a geometric shape stretch fabrics is a mold made of polycarbonate or transparent plexiglass and/or similar materials, which relies on special supports and fixings are manufactured from the same material or with similar characteristics.